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Unvented / System


Almost all newly built properties use an unvented system, this is due to easier installation and because an unvented system is fed directly from the rising main, there is no need for a head tank (cistern). This makes them ideal for new style houses and apartments with little or no loft space.


An unvented hot water cylinder is connected directly to the rising main which means it can supply hot water around the property at mains pressure, the system needs to incorporate an expansion vessel non return valves and many safety features in case of overheating and pressurising.


Unvented hot water cylinders can be heated both directly via an immersion heater or indirectly via a boiler. The advantages are they are can be fitted where there is no facility to incorporate a cold water




Vented / System


The most common type of hot water system is a vented system especially in older properties.


The cold water is supplied from a head tank usually in the loft, into the bottom of the cylinder and as it heats up, the hot water rises to the top of the cylinder where it is used to supply the hot taps. As the hot water is used, it is replaced with cold water from the head tank and so the cycle continues.


The head tank also doubles up as an expansion tank, as the water in the cylinder heats up due to expansion some of it will be forced back in to the head tank. There is also a vent on the hot water outlet pipe which allows any trapped air to escape which also prevents a build up of pressure.

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