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Over time, boilers can wear down and become more and more unreliable, with the cost of repairs and breakdowns taking a heavy strain on the pocket of its owner.


Modern boilers are known to be more reliable and efficient, lasting longer than older models, once a boiler becomes not only inefficient, but unreliable, it is highly recommended that it is replaced.


Some older boilers can even be dangerous if over-used and worn, with the risk of dangerous emissions such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide increasing.


Many people choose a boiler replacement for this reason, but also a new boiler can be considered for environmental reasons ? modern central heating boilers are known to be much more energy efficient with efficiency ratings over 90% in comparison to 50% in some older boilers, offering a payback in just a few years as well as be kinder to the environment.


There is more than the one option available when purchasing a boiler replacement. These are:

warranty on its
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